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Welcome back! Here's our homework and new Aistear topic - The Train Station

 Welcome back to the second half of Term 1, it sounds like the children had a lovely mid-term break and are ready to learn loads of new things!
The tricky word this week is 'be', can you think of any sentences with this word in it?
The first sound we are learning about this week is:

Image result for r clipart

The formation rhyme for this sound goes like this:
'Dive down, bump the line, swim back up and over.'

Have a look at some things that start with this sound!



 Here is the song for the sound 'r'

Later on in the week we will learn all about the sound

Image result for m clipart

The formation rhyme for this sound is:
'Dive down, swim up and over, back down, bump, swim up and over, back down and kick.'


Here is the song for 'm':


We will be learning all about transport for the next two weeks and our new Aistear topic is 'The Train Station'. Some of the words we will be learning are: train station, train driver, schedule, ticket master, platform, single ticket, return ticket and carriage.

The children will be learning all about the different types of transport so you can take a look at some of these types of transport and chat about what they could be used for!

Image result for boat                             Image result for car

Image result for dart train]                         Image result for aer lingus airplane

Image result for helicopter                  Image result for motorbike

Image result for bike                          Image result for dublin bus

You can also have a listen to some nice songs about transport and the story of the 'Little Engine That Could'


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A huge thank you and happy summer!

Hey everyone,  I just want to say thank you so much for such a wonderful two years. The children are a credit to all the parents and each child should be very proud of themselves because they have come so far since starting in Junior Infants two years ago.  They are all so unique and full of personality and have given me so much happiness and laughs every day. I'll miss them hugely but I know they will love the new challenges and exciting changes in First Class.  Always feel free to pop into me whenever you're passing and good luck in the future! Jessica ☺