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Winter Assembly Lines, songs and costumes

Hi everyone, 

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Lines and PartsThe children have been given their parts for the play today, which means that their lines, the poem and the songs need to be learnt at home for homework. Their lines are highlighted on the script and the song lyrics are at the back also. 

If you feel like your child is finding their lines a bit tricky, feel free to shorten it etc but just let me know. 

> Elves - If the elves could wear all green and black ( I am thinking elves like in the film Arthur Christmas)  that would be great, I will make badges for them. Also if they want they can wear elf hat or ears. ( If your child is not one of the characters below they are an elf :))
> We have a Santa and a Mrs Claus costume, 
> We have a cat costume
> for the dog I am thinking just face paint and black/white/brown - if anyone has ears that would be great, if not we can improvise. 
> Mice - Would it be possible to wear all one colour, brown or grey and again we wil…

Emergency in Belmayne and a visit from a Fireman!

The children have been learning all about the emergency services in Aistear. We learned the emergency phone number - 112 or 999 and how the emergency services do such amazing work in so many areas. The children were extremely engaged in this topic and loved playing in the 'fire engine' and houses, saving people and pets from danger. They also built fire stations and fire engines, used the Fire Station Beebot to save people on the Beebot mat with lots of accidents and played with the small world emergency services toys.