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Winter Assembly and Holidays!

`Well done to the children for putting on such a great show last Friday. They really worked so hard on their lines and songs and I was very proud of them! If you have any pictures of the children you can email them to me and I can upload them here if you'd like.

The video will be uploaded soon, for you to have a look at over the Winter break, enjoy :)  
Also, the children have learned so much this term and they really are settled and doing well so I'm looking forward to next term and for us all to learn about so many other new things. 
Thanks a million to all of the parents, grandparents, minders etc for all your support this term, I really appreciate it. 
Have a wonderful Winter break and a very happy new year, see you all in 2017! 

Winter Assembly Costumes

Hi everyone, 
The children's costumes looked great today and they loved wearing them in school so thank you to the parents that sent them in, I really appreciate all your efforts. If your child brought costumes into school, I have sent them back home in their bags today and it would be great if they could come in on Friday wearing their full costume. For anyone who has not sent in a costume, please dress your child appropriately (see blog for costume ideas or email me if you need further guidance).
See you all on Friday at 9.15am! 
Kind regards,  Jessica

Winter assembly and note home

As you might know, we are doing a Winter Assembly on the 16th of December at 9.15 a.m.

Today, the children were given a note and their parts. If your child brought lines home, please practice these with them as well as their homework each night.

The children will need costumes for this assembly so here are some suggestions for costume ideas.

Red tshirts/jumpers and jeans or red dress
White fairy dress/or long white plain shirt, white tights, slippers or soft shoes, tinsel for halo, small wings (optional)
Snow flakes:
Long white shirt, white tights/trousers, soft shoes/slippers
Blue dress/long shirt, white tights, blue/white cloth or towel for head
Long shirt, dark trousers
Long shirt, cloth/towel for head
Wise Men:
Long coloured t-shirt, coloured trousers
Please let me know if your child will not be here for the Winter Assembly as we have already allocated parts and would need to know as soon as possible if we have to change these parts.
Thank you all for…

New sounds and tricky words for December!

Happy December everybody! The children are doing very well with their sounds and blending and we will be going over these during the next couple of weeks.
Our first sound this week is 'f'.

The formation rhyme for this sound is;  'Curve at the sky, turn and dive down, bump the line and cross.'
The next sound we will be learning is 'b' The formation rhyme for this sound is;  'Dive down, swim up to the middle, curve around and stop.'
We have two tricky words this week so just do your best to learn both of them. They are:         are       all
Please make sure to practice all of our tricky words we have learned so far and please complete the 'f' and 'b' pages in the Sound Book as well as the worksheets.
We are also learning about the '_et' word family.  Can you read these 'et' family words? Can you find the odd one out? It is a silly word. 
pet let set fet get met bet

The Garda Station and Magnets

The children seemed to really enjoy playing in the Garda Station and they were also learning all about magnets. They did a search around the classroom with magnets to find the materials that were magnetic, and they even got to make their own magnets to bring home!