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Weekly homework 29th January

Hello everyone and happy Monday! 

Here is the homework for the week: 

1. Tricky Words
Revision of the tricky words 'other' to 'their'. 
 2: Reading The children have been given new readers in their folders. If the book seems too easy or difficult please let me know as we are working on fluency and comprehension. 
3: Sound Booklet Our sound this week is the 'short oo' sound. Please complete page 12 in the Sound Booklet.

Here are some short 'oo' sounds: 
Book Cook

Wood Hook
4: Handwriting copy 
Complete the next two pages in the handwriting book.  Please recite the formation rhymes as the children write the letters

Visitors from France and French Dress Up Day

We were very lucky today to have two visitors in our class today, who are both from France and live here in Ireland now! Ilian's parents came into us this morning to tell us all about France. The children had a lot to tell them about their own country but we learned even more about the different theme parks in France, some French history, listened and danced to a beautiful French song and we also found out that the tallest bridge in France is actually tallest bridge in Europe! 
They were even kind enough bring in some French treats for us to taste and the children were all asking for seconds! 
Thank you both so much for coming into our class, it was wonderful! 
Also, well done to the whole class for dressing up as something linked to France. I was so impressed by everyone, from French flags to French mime artists and we even had a French Poodle in class - c'était super!

Louis' Visit

The children have learned so much over the last week about our chosen country, France. 
Louis has been very busy sending them postcards with really interesting facts and he is so happy to hear how much the children have remembered! He told them all about different landmarks in France, he taught them how to say 'hello' (bonjour), 'goodbye' (au revoir) and 'my name is...' (je m'appelle...) in French. He told them some really interesting facts about different places and objects in France and he also helped us learn the colours of the French flag. What a wonderful visitor! 

Merci et à bientôt Louis!

The sound of drums!

The whole of Belmayne E.T have been having great fun learning how to play the drums this week! 
The children got to play lots of different drums and bells, using drumsticks. They were all very excited and as you might guess from some of their expressions, I think we may already have some children in our class who would love to learn this instrument! 😁