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First Assembly and Peace Day

Well done to all the Junior Infant children today on their first assembly, they did excellent listening and sitting and should be very proud of themselves!

We did our own 'Peace Day' dances in the classroom after assembly and the children looked very 'peaceful' in their white clothes :)

The 't' and 'i' sound and our tricky word 'he'

The first sound this week is the 't' sound...

The rhyme for this sound is 'Dive down from the sky, bump the line, kick and cross'. You could have a look for some things in your home with the 't' sound in it and see how many you find! 

The song for this sound goes like this: 
The second sound this week is the 'i' sound. The rhyme for this sound goes like this... 'Down and kick, don't forget the dot'. Here is the song for this sound.
Our tricky word this week is he We went on a hunt around the classroom for this word today. Maybe listen out for this word when people are talking or in some storybooks. 
Our Aistear theme this week is still 'The Home' and the children have been really getting into this topic; creating fingerprint families and houses, making houses out of blocks, making furniture out of play dough and playing in the 'home' corner at the back of the room!

'a, a, ants on my arm!'

Today we learned all about the sound...

Our rhyme for this sound goes like this - 'Curve around, up like a helicopter, bump, back down and kick.' We made sure to check our classroom for things beginning with the 'a' sound so you could have a look around and see if you can spot anything beginning with 'a' outside school! Here is the song for this sound.

We have also been practicing our tricky word, 'the', and trying to find it hiding in different places around the classroom!

We have started a lot of new things this Monday!

Hi everyone and welcome back to week 4 of Junior Infants.

The time really is flying in and this week we are starting some exciting new things with our class.  Today we started learning our sounds, that will help us to be able to read!
We started with the sound ...

Can you remember the rhyme for making a 's'??
Little curve, turn down and curve around.We looked for things in our class that start with 's' sound, we learned the action and the song about this new sound too!!  Here is  the song for the sound.
We also learned a what tricky words are and the first one we are learning in class is the word...
Please read the note in the homework folders carefully and complete tonight's homework. It should be well explained in the note, however if you are unsure of anything please let me know.
Today we started AISTEAR. 
For this fortnight our theme is The Home.  Each day we will get to go to a different station. Our stations for this week are - role play area, arts and crafts ar…

Some important information!

Hello everyone,
Just a few reminders and notices for you all.
On Monday morning the Junior Infants will start lining up at the numbers '1' or '2' in the basketball court. We will come out and collect the class when the bell goes at 8.30. We would ask the parents not to come in with the children from Monday onwards as there are a lot of children and teachers making their way to their own classrooms. This will also help to establish a classroom routine and get the children used to coming in without their parents. 
The children will also be starting a longer day from Monday, so they will finish at 1.20 each afternoon. 
Some parents received Glanmore food menus to avail of the school lunches for the children. If you could please complete these and return them by Wednesday, that would be great! If you didn't get a form today, let us know and we will give one to you on Monday. 
Lastly, could you please give your child a baby photo of themselves to bring into school as we ar…

Welcome to Junior Infants!

Welcome to Jessica's Junior Infant blog and the first few weeks of Junior Infants. The children are settling in really well and everyone is doing their very best in class. What a brilliant start to the year!

The first few weeks are all about settling in and getting to know the school routine. We have been learning all about our Golden Rules and class rules (Practicing lining up, good listening and sitting, as well as playing and sharing together)

This blog will be used to give updates about the work the children have been doing and what is happening around the school so please feel free to comment on the blog or if you have any questions do not hesitate to email me on

Looking forward to the year ahead!

Jessica :)