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Welcome back!

Hi Everyone, welcome back to Term 3, I hope you had a lovely break! I was away with the 6th class children for the last three days in Coláiste Uisce and I was told that my class have already been working hard and are ready for a busy few weeks before we finish for the summer :)
Here are some important dates to note for the coming weeks. 
Next week - Monday 1st & 2nd Of May the school is closed May 8th the school is closed May 9th is our school tour June 2nd & 5th school is closed June 16th Class Assembly The homework has changed slightly in that the phonics and sound out words are being replaced by reading from our Wandsville, class readers.  We hope to cover the three readers this term, so that means reading practice every night. It is only one page per night, lots of repetition and learning with the visual help of the pictures so no need to worry. 
You will have seen on the note that went home on Monday that the children will have 3 elements to their homework just as before  - writin…

Trip to Portmarnock Beach

The Junior Infants and Senior Infants were all lucky enough to go on a trip to Portmarnock beach before the break. Dave came in and to our school first and told us all about the different types of life that live on the beach. We learned about crabs, seaweed, mussles and even lug worms (they're worms that cause the noodle like patterns in the sand!) Dave let us hold the creatures if we wanted to and some children really were very brave!