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Homework 29th of May

The children will continue reading GG is too big for homework this week. I have been listening to their reading of these books and they really are making a huge effort so please keep up the reading each evening as it's benefiting them greatly! 
Dictation copies were very well done last week also, just remember, you only have to write the word once and you don't need to make sentences using the words, even though I was very impressed by this! 

This week's dictation, please do each night.  

Monday May 29th    -    pig        fig        jig
Tuesday May 30th      -    win        tin        bin
Wednesday May 31st   -    sit           kit        pit  
Thursday June 1st     -    rip       lip        nip 
Our tricky word this week is by.

A spot of bird watching!

The children were lucky enough to go bird watching with Mick and GrĂ¡inne last week in Father Collins Park. We managed to see some very special birds, such as Moorhens and Swans and we even got to see the Swan's signets which was wonderful! We learned all about the different sounds that birds make and how it's so important to look after the places that birds live in so they are in a safe environment. We actually even spotted a turtle in the water which was a very unusual sighting! 

Our very own butterfly garden!

The children in Jessica's Junior Infants have had an extremely important job of taking care of caterpillars.. which then went into their chrysalis or pupa and... then... into... beautiful butterflies!

Once they transformed into butterflies, we kept them safe in a butterfly garden and fed them some fruit that they really liked. 

After a couple of days, it was time to release them so we all went outside to the back of the school and set them free! They were a little shy at leave the net at first but the children were all very gentle and helped get them out and onto a flower or grass before the flew away. 

Shopping spree!

The children had a busy Aistear the week before last; going to the Supermarket to buy groceries, sorting foods into correct food groups, using the food pyramid and making lots of different foods out of play doh and creating their names using pasta. 
They were even learning all about how certain foods melt and certain foods don't, which meant they got to make Rice Krispie buns, yum yum!