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A very busy Monday with a visit from a Dublin footballer and some very cute hedgehogs!

The whole school had a visit from Katie who plays on the Dublin Ladies GAA team this morning. She brought in the cup and told us all about how important it is to play sports and work as a team. What a great achievement! 

Then Yvonne came in with two hedgehogs, one was an adult and one was a baby called Willow, just like Willow in our class! 

These are rescued when they're injured or sick and Yvonne looks after them until they are ready to be released back into the wild. We learned all about taking care of hedgehogs - they like to eat dog food and cat food but milk isn't good for them. They love making homes in big piles of leaves. They can get hurt by cars driving too fast so we need to be careful when driving at night and they can also get sick if they eat something that isn't good for them, like chewing gum or rubbish so always be sure to put anything like that in the bin. 

The Hedgehog Sanctuary does wonderful work caring for them and the children really loved meeting Yvonne and the hedgehogs and learning how to look after them so they can live happy lives in the wild. 


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Our rhyme for this sound goes like this - 'Curve around, up like a helicopter, bump, back down and kick.' We made sure to check our classroom for things beginning with the 'a' sound so you could have a look around and see if you can spot anything beginning with 'a' outside school! Here is the song for this sound.

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The formation rhyme for this sound is: 'Dive down, swim up and over, back down, bump, swim up and over, back down and kick.'

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