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Weekly Homework May 8th

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a lovely break and enjoyed all the sunshine this weekend.

This week for homework we will continue with our;

- Writing Copy - Write a list of types of food.

- Tricky word practice - Practice all the words with the games please. We are revising the following in class this week and next week - one, by, only, old, like, have, live, give, little, down, what, when

- Reading - We have completed the Wonderland reader and we are back to our red/ yellow readers. The children will get a new book every 2 days. Please make sure to sign when you hear them reading as it makes it easier for me to track who has read what book. Some children didn't have their Reading Record Booklets in their folders so if you could just sign the books they have read that would be great!

- Finally another sheet went home today all about the topic we are learning about this month - Food.

We will be exploring all things food and drink, where it comes from, how it gets from the farm or factory to our plates, how food impacts on or body and what environmental issues arise in relation to food. The sheet has a number of activities on it.

It does not have to be completed by any date, it is just some nice activities to do at home in relation to our topic.

Here a video of where a carrot comes from.


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This Week's Homework 18/09/17

Hi everyone, 
The homework will be posted each week on the blog so please ensure to check the blog each Monday to see what new sound, tricky words and writing we are working on for the week as we will not be going in order in of the books for some of the work. 
**Please do not go ahead in the writing homework**
In the folder you will find the following things;  - Tricky words list (Words 1-30 from Junior Infants) - Ella Goes to the Airport Wordlist ( list A) - Formation rhymes / instructions for parent or guardian to use during handwriting homework - Sound Booklet - Handwriting Booklet.
Here is the homework for this week.

1. Tricky Words - Revise and learn the words I , the, he, she, me
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Hello and happy Monday! 

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1. Tricky Words: Revise and learn the words my, one, by, live, give. We are practicing the tricky word whatin class. 
2. Ella Goes to the Airport: Read Pages 13 - 16 in the book. 
3. Sound Booklet: Our sound this week is 'oa'. Please complete Page 6 in the booklet.
4. Handwriting Copy: Practice writing the letters  and f, j, v, w, x and zonlyon Page 6 this week.  Please recite the formation rhymes as the children write the letters. 
Please do not go ahead in the written homework.
You can decide how much or little you do on each evening but I would suggest to practice their reading every night. 

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Hi all,

Here is the homework for the week: 

1. Tricky Words
Revision of the tricky words (3 from the old list and 3 from the new list) 'I','are', 'go', 'only', 'any'and 'could'. 
 2: Reading The children have been given new readers in their folders. 
Starting tomorrow, each child will get a list of book titles with a specific colour. (yellow, red, blue and green)Once your child gets a new book, please fill in the date they received the book and sign the sheet if you feel your child has completed the book to the best of their ability. The children will read their book on Monday and Tuesday night and I will listen to them on Wednesday to see if it is possible for them to move onto a new book for Wednesday and Thursday night. Once they have read all the books in that specific colour group, they will move on to the next group of books. When completing this at home, please focus on fluency, pacing, good expression and a good understanding of the bo…